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Central Anatolia; walking with Snowshoes

Tour Code : WIN 01

–    Snowshoe adventure in Aladaglar & Cappadocia
–    Visit UNESCO World heritage sites
–    Goreme open air museum
–    Derinuyku underground city
–    Zelve Monastery & Pasabaglari valley
–    Authentic villages & original lifestyle

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Duration of the Trip
8 Days / 7 Nights


Difficulty Level/walks (treks)
= A/B (Easy/Medium)
Walking with snowshoes in Aladaglar Mountains & Cappadocia (5 routes on 5 days)


Hotel & Pension    :    7 Nights

Day 1 : Kayseri to Aladaglar national park

Meet at the Kayseri airport with Demavend Travels representative and drive to the Taurus Mountains, Aladaglar National park where we spend the next four Nights.
Transfer time: 2 h; transfer distance: 145 km; (Kayseri airport – Taurus Mountains Aladaglar National park)
ON: next to the Aladaglar national park at at the Mountain Hut/or Local village Pension                         
Meals: – / – / D

Day 2 : Aladaglar national park; via Emli valley to Siyirmalik valley (Optional: Eznevit Yayla (plateau))

After having breakfast our vehicle will transfer us to the Emli Valley, one of the most beautiful Parts of the Aladaglar National park. We start walking in the Emli Valley and continue from there to the Siyirmalik Valley with an easy ascend and through a pine forested Area. After reaching the End of the Siyirmalik Valley, with beautiful views to the Parmakkaya (Finger Rock) and the amazing Siyirmalik Mountains, we will take time to have a break. Depending on snow conditions and time there will be the option to climb up to the Eznevit Plateau (2.540m) and walk from there back to the Cukurbag village. Otherwise we will return on the same way to the Emli valley back and continue from there until we reach our vehicle.
Walking time: 5/6 h; walking distance: 11 km; ascent/descent: 300m (Emli to Siyirmalik valley and return)
Walking time: 6/7 h; walking Distance: 14 km; ascent: 700m; descent: 900m; (Optional route: Emli to Eznevit plateau via Siyirmalik valley)
ON: next to the Aladaglar national park at at the Mountain Hut/or Local village Pension                         
Meals: B / L / D

Day 3 : Aladaglar national park; via Cimbar canyon & Arpalik plateau to Demirkazik village

Next to the Demirkazik village we start our today’s walk and climb up to the Arpalik Plateau, used by Semi Nomadic Families during the summertime as Camping place. We follow the Arpalik Plateau, with beautiful panoramic views to the Demirkazik Mountain (3.756m), until we reach the entrance of the Cimbar Canyon. After a short break we enter into the Cimbar Canyon with its 15 to 100 metres wide and hundreds of meters high walls. The Canyon itself is a very famous place and well known under Turkish rock climbers as one of the best areas in the country. We walk down through the Cimbar canyon which leads us back to the Demirkazik village. Our vehicle will pick us up at the End of the Canyon and we drive back to our overnight accommodation. Depending on time it is also possible to take time on the way to have a break at a traditional Turkish Teahouse and to taste a cup of hot ‘Cay’.
Walking time: 5/6 h; walking distance: 9 km; ascent/descent: 550m (Cimbar Canyon to Arpalik plateau)
ON: next to the Aladaglar national park at at the Mountain Hut/or Local village Pension                         
Meals: B / L / D

Day 4 : Aladaglar national park; Pinarbasi to Maden gorge

After a short transfer with our vehicle, we start our walk next to the Pinarbasi village. A very easy ascent permits us to the beginning of the Maden Gorge Area. We climb up the old roads, used and built by chrome and iron miners in earlier times, to reach the entrance of the Maden Gorge. Do not be surprised if you will meet herds of wild goats in this area. The Maden George and the high mountains nearby are a very important place in the Aladaglar National park and are used by the Mountain (wild) goats during the winter times, because of its richness of food and vegetations. We take the Maden gorge and walk down through an old river bed and continue from there on a different way back to our vehicle.
Walking time: 5/6 h; walking distance: 9 km; ascent/descent: 550m (Pinarbasi – Maden Gorge)
ON: next to the Aladaglar national park at at the Mountain Hut/or Local village Pension                         
Meals: B / L / D

Day 5 : Aladaglar national park to Cappadocia via Derinkuyu underground city

After breakfast we leave the Aladaglar National park and drive to Cappadocia, on the Way we visit the incredible underground city of Derinkuyu, opened to visitors in 1965. The city is approximately 85m deep, but only 10 % of the city can be visited, and contains all of the usual rooms found in an underground city, stables, cellars, storage rooms, refectories, churches and wineries. Apart from these, a large room with a barrel vaulted ceiling on the second floor served as a missionary school, the rooms to the left used as study rooms. In the early afternoon we arrive in Cappadocia, where we take time to visit Urgup and Goreme; Urgup is one of the most important centres in Cappadocia; once was a bishopric of the rock cut churches and monasteries found in the villages, valleys and towns around. Today Urgup is known for its famous wines and pleasant cafes. Goreme is designated as an important tourist destination; a “centre” for all tourism in Cappadocia, the name of the town was changed to Goreme for practical reasons. In Urgup and Goreme we take time to relax a while and to taste a traditional cup of Turkish tea before we explore the centres of these famous cities (villages), with their small shops and pleasant cafes, on our own way.
Optional Activity: Goreme open air museum
The Christian people at the heart of the Cappadocia realized that the soft rocks could be easily carved out to form houses, churches and monasteries. These Christian sanctuaries contain many examples of Byzantine art from the post iconoclastic period. The frescoes inside the Goreme Open Air Museum are a unique artistic achievement from this period.
Transfer time: 2 h; transfer distance: 125 km (Aladaglar National park – Cappadocia via Derinkuyu)
ON: in Cappadocia at the Hotel                        
Meals: B / L / D

Day 6 : Cappadocia; Meskendir & Red valley to Cavusin and to Zelve monastery & Pasabaglari valley

In the morning we start today’s first activity and walk out to explore one of the most beautiful valleys in Cappadocia. We start our walking in the Meskendir Valley; follow the path which is full with old Cave houses and complexes from the old Christian civilization. From the Meskendir Valley we cross over to the Red Valley, the most beautiful valley in Cappadocia with its spectacular formations and colours. In Red Valley it is possible, depending on walking pace and time, to visit some hidden churches like the Uzumlu church (Grape church / Red Valley), the hidden Cross Church and the Church of the Three Crosses (Rose Valley). These churches have been carved out of the cliff face, although it is not definite, the common believe is that these churches date back to the 8/9th century. The decorative reliefs and frescoes are added in the 10/11th Century. After walking through the Red and Rose valleys we will arrive in Cavusin, one of the oldest settlements in Cappadocia Area; a small village made up of rock cut dwellings and elegantly carved stone houses. Via Cavusin village we continue our walk on small walking paths, close to fascinating rock formations and with magnificent views to the fairy chimneys at monk’s valley (Pasabaglari) down below. Our walk will permit us directly to Zelve Monastery Valley. Christians moved to Zelve during the Persian and Arab invasions and the region, though recently uninhabited, became an important settlement and religious area during the 9th and 13th centuries. Zelve spreads out over three valleys, of which two are connected by a tunnel. The monastery is rich in its own beauty; main decorations are high relief crosses representative of the Iconoclastic doctrine. After visiting Zelve Monastery we drive to the Pasabaglari area (Monks valley) in only 5 Minutes distance. Pasabaglari fairy chimneys are unique and feature bizarre large toadstool like caps which protect the rest of the chimney from erosion. The area was formerly a monastic retreat and used to be known as monk’s valley and features a rock cut church dedicated to St Simeon.
Optional Activity: visiting Pottery shaping studio
The most famous historical feature of Avanos, which is still relevant and very visible today, is its production of earthenware pottery; it is also the most economic activity in the town. The ceramic trade in this district and its countless pottery factories date right back to the Hittites, and the ceramic clay from the red silt of the Kızılırmak has always been used. We will take time to visit one of the Pottery studios and you will try to shape by your own.
Walking time: 4 h; walking distance: 9 km; ascent: 82m; descent: 134m; (Meskendir Valley & Red Valley)
Walking time: 2 h; walking distance: 4 km; ascent: 60m; descent: 70m; (Cavusin – Pasabaglari – Zelve)
ON: in Cappadocia at the Hotel                        
Meals: B / L / D

Day 7 : Cappadocia; via Akvadi (White valley) & Uchisar citadel to Zemi Valley

After having breakfast we drive to the trailhead point at the beginning of the Akvadi (The White Valley). We will walk along this valley following an old river bed, used today for vineyards. Especially a special section at the beginning of the valley is worth seeing. At noon we will arrive in Uchisar village to visit the high viewpoint known as “The fortress”. Many rooms hollowed out into the Rock, are connected to each other with stairs, tunnels and passages. The top of the Citadel provides a magnificent panorama of the surrounding area. Afterwards we continue our walk and enter into the Zemi Valley, a green valley with wind eroded volcanic rocks and tall poplar trees. At the end of the Valley and depending on time there will be the opportunity to visit the El Nazar church. The church was carved from one piece of a rock in a ‘T’ shape. The frescoes show scenes which follow each other in chronological order. The church can be dated to the end of the 10th Century. Our vehicle will pick us up at the end of the Valley and we drive back to our Hotel.
Optional Activity: Turkish bath (Hamam)
In the late afternoon/ or early evening it is optional possible to try a traditional Turkish bath, better known as Hamam. The Hamam combines the functionality and the structural elements of its predecessors in Anatolia, the Roman thermal and Eastern Roman baths.
Walking time: 2 h; walking distance: 6 km; ascent: 280m; descent: 0m; (Akvadi White Valley)     
Walking time: 2 h; walking distance: 5 km; ascent: 0m; descent: 270m; (Zemi Valley)
ON: in Cappadocia at the Hotel                        
Meals: B / L / D

Day 8 : Cappadocia to Kayseri – Home

Transfer to Kayseri airport where the Trip concludes.
Transfer time: 1 h; transfer distance: 80 km (Cappadocia – Kayseri airport)
ON: in Cappadocia at the Hotel                        
Meals: B / – / –

ON = Overnight accommodation / B = Breakfast / L = Lunch / D = Dinner

Price Includes
–    All transfers and transportations with private vehicles to the places stated in the Itinerary
      Day 1: One (one way) arrival transfer from/to Kayseri airport/Aladaglar National park
      Day 8: One (one way) departure transfer from/to Cappadocia/Kayseri airport
–    Demavend Travel English speaking Tour Leader
–    Hotel; Mountain Hut and/or local village Pension accommodation, rooms on double/twin share base;
      Half Board (HB) service; Important: HB Dinner Service available until 20:30/21:00 h
–    7 x Breakfast, 6 x Lunch (Lunch Packages & Restaurants where available), 7 x Dinner
–    Aladaglar National Park entrance fees
–    Snowshoes (Racquets)


Price Excludes
–    All International and Domestic Flights
–    Travel insurance
–    Extra Transports and transfers other than stated in the Itinerary
–    All kind of Soft and Alcoholic drinks, Bottled Water, Tea & Coffee
–    Meals other than stated in the Itinerary
–    All kind of personal expenses
–    All kind of Entrance fees for historical and natural sites
–    All kind of optional activities
–    Extra Nights
–    Single supplements
–    Personal Equipment
–    Tips