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Mountain biking; Aladaglar to Cappadocia

Tour Code : ACT 08

–    Aladaglar Mountains and Kapuzbasi Waterfalls
–    Unique Cappadocia and UNESCO World heritage sites
–    Zelve monastery & Pasabaglari valley
–    Boztepe Plateau & Red Valley 
–    Akvadi valley & Uchisar citadel
–    authentic villages & original lifestyle


Best Season   
Jan / Feb / Mar / Apr / May / Jun / Jul / Aug / Sep / Oct / Nov / Dec


Duration of the Trip
10 Days / 9 Nights


Difficulty Level
= B/C (Medium/Moderate) 
Biking through Aladaglar mountains & Cappadocia (8 routes on 8 days)


Hotel & Pension    :    9 Nights

Day 1 : Kayseri to Aladaglar national park Cukurbag village

Meet at the Kayseri airport with Demavend Travels representative and drive to Cukurbag village in the Taurus Mountains, Aladaglar National park.
Transfer time: 2 h; transfer distance: 145 km (Kayseri airport – Cukurbag village)
ON: in the Aladaglar National park at a local village House
Meals: – / – / D   

Day 2 : Aladaglar Mountain biking; route 1

Cukurbag to Kamisli village via Elekgolu & Yelatan
In the morning we start our ride in Cukurbag village and follow stabilized roads towards Elekgolu village, via Elekgolu village we continue our ride towards south with beautiful views to the Aladaglar Mountains and on stabilized roads until we reach the small village of Yelatan where we take time for a cup of traditional Turkish tea in the Local Tea House. Afterwards we ride on stabilized mountain roads, partly on asphalt, through small villages of Dagdibi and Ascibekirli until we reach our overnight accommodation in Kamisli village.
Distance by bike: approximately 50/60 km (approximately 10 km asphalt)
Altitudes: starting point 1.550m; Highest Point: 1.650m; Lowest Point: 1.300m
Ascent / descent: ⇓ 90m; ⇑ 110m; ⇓ 200m; ⇑ 80m; ⇓ 135m; ⇑ 115m; ⇓ 45m; ⇑ 240m; ⇓ 360m;
ON: in Kamisli village at the Hotel
Meals: B / L / D

Day 3 : Aladaglar Mountain biking; route 2

Kamisli to Aladag village via Posyagbasan Yaylasi
After breakfast we start our first ride directly from our Hotel in Kamisli village; we follow on partly stabilized and partly asphalt roads towards Hamidiye village (ascent approximately 285m) and continue from there on stabilized roads and surrounded by pine forests to Sofular village. Via Sofular village we again ride on asphalt roads, but it is a road to mountain villages and traffic is almost none, only some few villager tractors and motorbikes can be seen on the way. In the late afternoon we will arrive in Aladag village via passing Posyagbasan, where we spend the Night.
Distance by bike: approximately 55 km (approximately 20/25 km asphalt)
Altitudes: starting point 1.150m; Highest Point: 1.435m; Lowest Point: 775m                                                     
Ascent / descent: ⇑ 285m; ⇓ 580m; ⇑ 125m; ⇓ 130m; ⇑ 35m; ⇓ 105m; ⇑ 60m; ⇓ 110m; ⇑ 190m;
ON: in Aladag village at the Hotel   
Meals: B / L / D

Day 4 : Aladaglar Mountain biking; route 3

Aladag village to Kapuzbasi Waterfalls
Today we start our ride on asphalt roads and take cross over to another stabilized road among pine forests and start ascending towards Maran Pass, with very nice views of Divrik Mountain on the north and Torasan Mountains on the west. After crossing Maran pass we continue towards Kapuzbasi Waterfalls, formed by an underground river coming through the rocks and fed from the snow and the glaciers coming down from the surrounding Aladaglar Mountains. We spend the Night close to Kapuzbasi Waterfalls at a small Pension.
Distance by bike: approximately 65 km
Altitudes: starting point 965m; Highest Point: 1.230m; Lowest Point: 645m
Ascent / descent: ⇓ 275m; ⇑ 140m; ⇓ 140m; ⇑ 530m; ⇓ 240m; ⇑ 175m; ⇓ 510m;
ON: in Kapuzbasi village at the Pension  
Meals: B / L / D

Day 5 : Aladaglar Mountain biking; route 4

Kapuzbasi Waterfalls to Yahyali via Gedenolugu Yaylasi
Our todays ride starts with an ascent towards Tasoluk Yaylasi; we let the Kapuzbasi Waterfalls behind us and climb up towards Ulupinar village, known as Barazama, an original and unspoiled village located in beautiful surroundings of the Aladaglar National park. Via Barazama village we continue on stabilized roads and through forested areas until we reach a handmade rocky road with a length of approximately 10 km. Afterwards we continue on stabilized roads to Gedenolugu Yaylasi where our vehicle is waiting for us to drive us to Yahyali village where we spend the Night.
Distance by bike: approximately 60 km
Altitudes: starting point 645m; Highest Point: 2.160m 
Ascent/Descent: ⇑ 460m; ⇓ 40m; ⇑ 780m; ⇓ 35m; ⇑ 70m; ⇓ 100m; ⇑ 50m; ⇓ 35m; ⇑ 330m; ⇓ 50m; ⇑ 85m; ⇓ 365m;
ON: in Yahyali village at the Pension  
Meals: B / L / D

Day 6 : Aladaglar Mountain biking; route 5 – transfer from Dundarli to Cappadocia

Yahyali to Dundarli
We follow on old tracks made for tractors down to mining valley of Tekneli, here we take better conditioned stabilized roads used by tractors time to time. After reaching our highest point we start descending down to Sulucaova village and continue from there to Dundarli village. In Dundarli village we load our bikes on our vehicles and drive to Cappadocia where we spend the Night at the Hotel.
Distance by bike: approximately 60 km
Altitudes: starting point 1.795m; Highest Point: 3.095m; Lowest Point: 1.110m
Ascent / descent: ⇑ 1.300m; ⇓ 140m; ⇑ 55m; ⇓ 1.005m; ⇑ 925m; ⇓ 1.440m; ⇑ 20m; ⇓ 400m;
Transfer time: 1/2 h; transfer distance: 95 km; (Dundarli village – Cappadocia)
ON: in Kapuzbasi village at the Pension  
Meals: B / L / D

Day 7 : Cappadocia Mountain biking; route 6

Mustafapasa → Ayvali & Bahceli villages → Ibrahimpasa → Uchisar citadel → Akvadi (White valley) → Goreme 
We start our ride in the village of Mustafapasa and follow stabilized roads, pass vineyard Gardens and a small Hill known as Golgoli until we reach Ayvali, a small village where agriculture is the main source of income. From Ayvali village we continue for a while an asphalt road (approximately 5 km) before we pick up a stabilized road again which leads us to the village of Bahceli, with general features of the traditional architecture of Cappadocia. Here, we take time to enjoy the authentic atmosphere and drink a typical Turkish tea or coffee. From Bahceli village we continue on stabilized roads to the village of Ibrahimpasa, where the historical stone bridge and original Greek stone houses draw our attention. After Ibrahimpasa village we ride on stabilized roads again until we reach an asphalt road which leads us to the village of Uchisar, where we take time to visit the high viewpoint known as “The fortress”. Many rooms hollowed out into the Rock, are connected to each other with stairs, tunnels and passages. The top of the Citadel provides a magnificent panorama of the surrounding area. Afterwards we ride further through one of the most astonishing valleys of Cappadocia, the White Valley with its beautiful fairy chimneys. We end the day in Goreme.
Distance by bike: approximately 45/50 km (approximately 13/15 km asphalt)
Altitude differences: between 100 – 450m
Ascent / descent: ⇑ 245m; ⇓ 110m; ⇑ 250m; ⇓ 230m; ⇑ 110m; ⇓ 190m; ⇑ 240m; ⇓ 430m; ⇑ 110m;
ON: in Cappadocia at the Hotel
Meals: B / L / D

Day 8 : Cappadocia Mountain biking; route 7

Goreme → Cavusin → Pasabaglari & Zelve Monastery → via Boztepe plateau to Red valley → Kiliclar & Zemi valley
We start our ride in Goreme village, designated as an important tourist destination; a “center” for all tourism in Cappadocia, the name of the town was changed to Goreme for practical reasons. Via Goreme we ride on stabilized roads towards Cavusin village, one of the oldest settlements in Cappadocia Area; a small village made up of rock cut dwellings and elegantly carved stone houses. From Cavusin village we ride on small paths, close to fascinating rock formations and with magnificent views to the fairy chimneys at monk’s valley (Pasabaglari) down below. Pasabaglari fairy chimneys are unique and feature bizarre large toadstool like caps which protect the rest of the chimney from erosion. The area was formerly a monastic retreat and used to be known as monk’s valley and features a rock cut church dedicated to St Simeon. Via Pasabaglari our ride will permit us directly to Zelve Monastery Valley.  Christians moved to Zelve during the Persian and Arab invasions and the region, though recently uninhabited, became an important settlement and religious area during the 9th and 13th centuries. Zelve spreads out over three valleys, of which two are connected by a tunnel. The monastery is rich in its own beauty; main decorations are high relief crosses representative of the Iconoclastic doctrine.  Via Zelve we ride to the Plateau of Boztepe, one of the highest points in Cappadocia and with breathtaking views down to the bizarre landscape of Cappadocia. After riding high on the plateau we descent down to the area of Red Valley, the most beautiful valley in Cappadocia with its spectacular formations and colours. Via Red Valley area we ride towards Kiliclar (Sword) Valley, one of the smallest valleys in Cappadocia with many interesting fairy chimneys and ruins. Sword Valley is known for its fantastic views of Cappadocia; on the road to Goreme there are tracks where it is possible to explore abandoned caves which were homes of past citizens in this region. Our ride will end in Goreme village and we drive back to our Hotel.
Distance by bike: approximately 30/35 km (approximately 5 km asphalt)
Altitude differences: between 40 – 380m
Ascent / descent: ⇓ 60m; ⇑ 60m; ⇓ 70m; ⇑ 300m; ⇓ 130m; ⇑ 60m; ⇓ 180m; ⇑ 175m; ⇓ 30m; ⇑ 90m; ⇓ 215m
ON: in Cappadocia at the Hotel
Meals: B / L / D

Day 9 : Cappadocia Mountain biking; route 8

Mustafapasa → Ortahisar → Pancarlik valley → Urgup → Devrent → Saruhan caravanserai → Sarihidir village → Avanos
After breakfast we start our todays ride in the village of Mustafapasa, we first take an asphalt road (approximately 3 km) and turn into stabilized roads afterwards which will lead us to the Pancarlik Valley. In the Pancarlik Valley we will see numerous cones and fairy chimneys decorating our way and it is also possible to visit Sarica and Pancarlik churches for their architectural interest. After riding through Pancarlik Valley we will arrive in the village of Ortahisar, famous for its friendly inhabitants, picturesque stone houses, narrow streets and lovely churches as well as the castle like rock formation after which the town is named. After having a short break in Ortahisar we take the asphalt road out of the village and enter into stabilized roads through the vineyard gardens until we reach Urgup, one of the most important centers in Cappadocia. Urgup was a bishopric of the rock cut churches and monasteries found in the villages, valleys and towns around. Today Urgup is known for its famous wines and pleasant cafes. Via Urgup we continue our ride towards Avanos; we pass Devrent Valley, with many different rock formations and Saruhan Caravanserai, wich covers an area of around 2000 m2. Via Sarihidir village we reach the town of Avanos. The most famous historical feature of Avanos, which is still relevant and very visible today, is its production of earthenware pottery; it is also the most economic activity in the town. The ceramic trade in this district and its countless pottery factories date right back to the Hittites. Our ride ends in Avanos where our vehicle will pick us up and drive us back to our Hotel.
Distance by bike: approximately 45/50 km (approximately 15 km asphalt)
Altitude differences: between 60 – 200m
Ascent / descent: ⇓ 80m; ⇑ 160m; ⇓ 60m; ⇑ 80m; ⇓ 200m; ⇑ 100m; ⇓ 110m; ⇑ 90m; ⇓ 200m; ⇑ 80m; ⇓ 90m
ON: in Cappadocia at the Hotel
Meals: B / L / D

Day 10 : Cappadocia to Kayseri – Home

Transfer to Kayseri airport where the Trip concludes.
Transfer time: 1 h; transfer distance: 80 km (Cappadocia – Kayseri airport)
Meals: B / – / – 

ON = Overnight accommodation / B = Breakfast / L = Lunch / D = Dinner

Price Includes
–    All transfers and transportations with private vehicles to the places stated in the Itinerary
      Day 1: One (one way) arrival transfer from/to Kayseri airport/Kamisli village
      Day 10: One (one way) departure transfer from/to Cappadocia/Kayseri airport
–    Support vehicle throughout the Itinerary
–    Demavend Travel English speaking Tour Leader
–    Hotel & Pension accommodations, rooms on double/twin share base;
      Local/basic village House accommodation in the Aladaglar National park area Cukurbag/Demirkazik village
      Bed & Breakfast (BB) and Half Board (HB) service; Important: HB Dinner Service available until 20:30/21:00 h
–    9 x Breakfast, 8 x Lunch (Lunch Packages & Restaurants where available), 9 x Dinner
–    Aladaglar National Park entrance fees


Price Excludes
–    Mountain bikes & Equipment
–    All International and Domestic Flights
–    Travel insurance
–    Extra Transports and transfers other than stated in the Itinerary
–    All kind of Soft and Alcoholic drinks, Bottled Water, Tea & Coffee
–    Meals other than stated in the Itinerary
–    All kind of personal expenses
–    All kind of Entrance fees for historical and natural sites
–    All kind of optional activities
–    Extra Nights
–    Single supplements
–    Personal Equipment
–    Tips