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Mediterranean Coast; walk & sail

Tour Code : ACT 10

–    Best Lycian way treks from east & west sides 
–    UNESCO World heritage sites
–    On a private boat (Gulet) in the Gulf of Fethiye
–    Lonely Islands & beautiful beaches 
–    Kayakoy (Karmilassos) & Oludeniz lagoon
–    Patara; Myra; Simena; Phaselis & Gelidonya lighthouse 


Best Season   
Jan / Feb / Mar / Apr / May / Jun / Jul / Aug / Sep / Oct / Nov / Dec


Duration of the Trip
14 Days / 13 Nights


Difficulty Level/walks (treks)
= A/B (Easy/Medium)
Hiking along the mediterranean coastal line (11 routes on 11 days)


Hotel                       :    7 Nights
Boat (Gulet) cabin    :    6 Nights

Day 1 : Antalya

Meet at the Antalya airport with Demavend Travels representative and drive to the Hotel located in the old city centre. It is uncertain when the site of the current city was first inhabited. Attalos II, king of Pergamon, was believed to have founded the city around 150 BC, naming it Attalia and selecting it as a naval base for his powerful fleet. However, excavations in 2008 have uncovered remains dating to the 3rd century BC, suggesting that the city was founded earlier than previously supposed. Antalya became part of the Roman Republic in 133 BC when King Attalos III of Pergamum willed his kingdom to Rome at his death. The city grew and prospered during the Ancient Roman period; today the city includes sites with traces of Lycian, Pamphylian, and Hellenistic -but mainly Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman- architecture and cultures.
Transfer time: 20 min.; transfer distance: 15 km (Antalya airport – Antalya Kaleici)
ON: in Antalya at the Hotel
Meals: – / – / D

Day 2 : Via Phaselis and Cirali to Ulupinar village via Flames of the Chimaera

We leave Antalya and drive to Adrasan; on the way it is possible to visit ancient city of Phaselis. Phaselis has three harbours: the ‘Northern Harbour’, the ‘Battle Harbour’ and the ‘Protected (Sun) Harbour’, of which the last is the most important today. A 24m wide ancient street runs through the middle of the city with ruins of shops and stores on the sides and near these are ruins of public places such as Roman baths, agora and theatres; these structures are dated to the 2nd century BC. Also there are water canals between the town centre and the 70m plateau with numerous sarcophagi. In the afternoon we will arrive at the village of Cirali, where we pick up the Lycian Way and continue to follow the trail north. We follow the walking Path to the Flames of Chimaera. Called in Turkish Yanartas (flaming rock), the spot consists of some two dozen vents in the ground, grouped in two patches on the hillside. The vents emit methane thought to be of metamorphic origin. In ancient times sailors could navigate by the flames. Afterwards we continue our walk and climb up to a small Hill and follow the stream for a while until we reach Ulupinar village where our vehicle is waiting for us to drive us to Adrasan, where we spend the Night at the Hotel.
Transfer time: 1/2 h; transfer distance: 80 km (Antalya – Cirali)
Transfer time: 20/25 min.; transfer distance: 30 km (Ulupinar – Adrasan)
Walking time: 3/4 h; walking distance: 9 km; ascent: 330m; descent: 190m
ON: in Adrasan at the Hotel
Meals: B / L / D

Day 3 : Adrasan & Gelidonya lighthouse

A simply superb day of coastal walking, we begin today’s walk from our hotel climbing steadily to a pass at 470 metres. Then dropping down closer to the sea’s edge, the route twists and turns amongst limestone crags sometimes under pine trees and sometimes on the cliff edge. There are views down to hidden coves and across to desert islands. This is a beautiful walk contouring the range of hills which forms the backbone of Gelidonya. We climb again to arrive on a rocky ridge crest overlooking the peninsula of Cape Gelidonya with its two lighthouses. Descending a stony path to the upper of these we then follow a wide trail down through pine forest to our waiting vehicles and drive back to Adrasan.
Transfer time: 20min.; transfer distance: 14 km (Gelidonya – Adrasan)
Walking time: 5 h; walking distance: 18 km; ascent: 400m; descent: 400m
ON: in Adrasan at the Hotel
Meals: B / L / D

Day 4 : Ancient Myra & Kapakli village to Simena castle

In the morning we leave Adrasan and drive to Kapakli village, on our way we take time to visit ancient site of Myra.  There is no substantiated written reference for Myra before it was listed as a member of the Lycian alliance, according to Strabo it was one of the largest towns of the alliance. The ruins of the Lycian and Roman town are mostly covered by alluvial silts. The Acropolis on the Demre-plateau, the Roman theatre and the Roman baths has been partly excavated. The semi-circular theatre was destroyed in an earthquake in 141, but rebuilt afterwards.  In Kapakli village we start our walk from where we already have a view over the bay and the sea. We walk gently down over a gravel road until we reach the small primary school of the village. From the school we continue our walk and enjoy the beautiful view on the bay down below. Over a green pasture we reach the sign that shows us the direction of Ucagiz. We follow a sandy path with rocks and walk between olive trees until we cross another green plain. Afterwards we enter a rocky path; these rocks can be slippery when the weather is rainy, so we advise good profiled walking boots. We continue our walk on small and rocky paths, like stairways, through green grass plains and between olive trees until we reach the remains of a historic olive factory from the Ottoman times and the bay of Gokkaya. Here we will take time to have lunch and to swim, if the weather conditions allow it. After lunch we gently go up on a rocky path with a nice view over the bay and continue walking next to the turquoise sea and the small islands in the bay, which seem very close now. After reaching a green plain we can see the castle of Simena at the horizon. After reaching the coastal village of Simena at the foot of the castle we will have a break first before we take time to visit the castle itself. Simena Castle was built by the Byzantines in the middle ages to fight the pirates who nested in Kekova. Simena contains a small theatre and numerous rock tombs. The Castle offers beautiful views to the village of Kalekoy (castle village) down below, some of the old houses were completely submerged due to earthquakes during the Byzantine period and you can see remains down to 2m deep, in the bluish light on the seabed.  Afterwards we will meet with our vehicle and drive to Kas where we spend the Night.
Transfer time: 1/2 h; transfer distance: 90 km (Adrasan – Kapakli village)
Transfer time: 40 min.; transfer distance: 35 km (Ucagiz – Kas)
Walking time: 4 h; walking distance: 8 km; ascent: 10m; descent: 50m
ON: in Kas at the Hotel
Meals: B / L / D

Day 5 : Delikkemer to ancient Patara

After breakfast we drive to the starting point of our todays walk above Firnaz Bay. We first walk on a rocky path until we reach an aqueduct from Roman times. With beautiful views on the bay in front of us we follow a walking path, parallel with the aqueduct, with a very gently ascend. At a height of approximately 150m we reach a gravel path, with Yesilkoy village with its greenhouses on our right side below us. We take the path which leads us gently down until a water source where we can take a break in the shadow of a big mulberry tree. After break we continue walking until we reach the remains of on old watch tower and walk on a flat gravel road between olive trees and pine woods. We pass olive tree gardens and on the right sight below us we see the village of Ova, in front of us the sea, Patara, Kumtepe and Letoon. We continue walking down until we reach Patara. Patara was a flourishing maritime and commercial city on the south-west coast of Lycia on the Mediterranean coast. Possessing a natural harbour, Patara was said to have been founded by Patarus, a son of Apollo. Ancient writers mentioned Patara as one of the principal cities of Lycia. It was Lycia’s primary seaport, and a leading city of the Lycian League. In Patara we can visit the ancient city or we can walk over a cobbled road to the sandy beach of Patara. Afterwards we drive back to Kas.
Transfer time: 30 min.; transfer distance: 35 km (Kas – Firnaz Bay)
Transfer time: 40 min.; transfer distance: 40 km (Patara – Kas)
Walking time: 3/4 h; walking distance: 9 km; ascent: 45m; descent: 150m
ON: in Kas at the Hotel
Meals: B / L / D

Day 6 : Ovacik to Faralya via Kozagac & Kirme

After breakfast a short transfer will permit us to reach the trailhead point nearby the Ovacik village. From the South foot of the Babadag Mountain (1.969m) we start our walk along the Coastal Side and follow a small path with a beautiful panoramic view over the deep blue bay of the Oludeniz. Our walk takes us along sheep camps to small authentic villages of the Mediterranean Area. We pass the small Kozagac village and continue our walk to Kirme, from Kirme we follow on small walking paths and stabilized roads until we reach Faralya.
Transfer time: 20 min.; transfer distance: 15 km; (Fethiye – Ovacik village)
Walking time: 4 h; walking distance: 12 km; ascent: 520m; descent: 520m
ON: in Fethiye at the Hotel
Meals: B / L / D

Day 7 : Faralya to Kabak via Uzunyurt & Butterfly valley panorama

After a short transfer we start our walk today near the Faralya village where we enter into a small walking path which takes us, after a small climb, to a magnificent panoramic view over the Butterfly Valley, a large canyon considered to be one of the most picturesque and amazing places along the Lycian Coast. We continue walking on the small paths and enjoy the beautiful and different views to the Coast and bays around. In the afternoon we will reach the Yuva Beach and will have time for Lunch and to spend time at the Beach. Afterwards we continue to Kabak village. In the late afternoon we drive back to Fethiye.
Transfer time: 30 min.; transfer distance: 20 km; (Fethiye – Faralya village)
Walking time: 4 h; walking distance: 8 km; ascent: 400m; descent: 440m
ON: in Fethiye at the Hotel
Meals: B / L / D

Day 8 : Kayakoy (Karmilassos) to Oludeniz lagoon – Fethiye harbour

After breakfast we drive to Kayakoy, originally named “Karmilassos”; an old Greek village given up at the End of the World War I, in accordance with the treaty of Lausanne which envisaged an exchange of population between Greece and Turkey. Two admirable churches are still drawn up among the ruined stone-built houses. After the visit we go on trekking following a forest path which offers a splendid panorama on the limpid turquoise water splits. We walk directly down to the Oludeniz lagoon. Oludeniz remains one of the most photographed beaches on the Mediterranean. It has a secluded sandy bay at the mouth of Oludeniz, on a blue lagoon. The lagoon is a national nature reserve and building is strictly prohibited. Oludeniz is famous for its shades of turquoise and aquamarine, and is an official blue flag beach, and is frequently rated among the top 5 beaches in the world by travellers and tourism journals alike. In the late afternoon  We spend the afternoon in Oludeniz at the beach and return to Fethiye afterwards where we spend the night on the boat near the harbour.
Walking time: 2/3 h; walking distance: 6 km; ascent: 200m; descent: 300m
ON: on the Boat (type Gulet)
Meals: B / L / D   

Day 9 : Fethiye to Gocek bay via Kizilada (Red Island); Tavsanli & Katrancik Islands

In the morning we leave the Harbour of Fethiye and continue to Kizilada (Red Island), a well-known and popular destination for sailing boats, where it is possible to swim and to relax next to the Island and its turquoise waters.  Afterwards we sail towards north/west direction where we pass the small Tavsancik and Katrancik Island, superb places for swimming and relaxing, before we in the early afternoon arrive at Katrancik bay where we start our Trek.
Walk from Gunluklu Bay to Inlice Beach
Via Gunluklu Bay we follow stabilized roads and climb up to the high plateaus of Inlice. From the small Highlands we will have fascinating panoramic views to the Gulf of Fethiye and its beautiful Islands down below.  We continue our walk on gravel roads; walk through pine forests with an unmistakable scent of thyme in the air, until we reach the beach of Inlice. At the beach it is the possible to swim and to relax before we go back on board of our boat again. We spend the night either along the Gocek Island or one of the nearby piers close to Gocek Bay where we end the day with a nice dinner on board.  The port of Gocek and its old town exude a pleasantly peaceful atmosphere. Gocek is one of the most beautifully situated ports of Turkey; nestled in a wild-romantic landscape with a crystal-clear sea, beautiful anchorages, many small islands and secluded bays. It enjoys views over the pine-covered hills, olive groves and citrus gardens, cotton fields and flowers. In the background, rising to 2.000 m high, are the foothills of the Taurus Mountains, with its ancient pine and spruce forests and wild gorges.
Walking time: 2/3 h; walking distance: 8 km; ascent/descent: 275 m
ON: on the Boat (type Gulet)
Meals: B / L / D

Day 10 : Gocek to Yassica Island; Olive Island & Tersane Bay

Walk from Doruklu Bay to the beach of Osmanaga & the Bay of Akbuku
After having breakfast on board, we start near Gocek at the Bay of Doruklu our todays walk. We follow stabilized gravel roads through pine forests and along small coves until we reach the bay of Osmanaga. After a short break at the bay we continue our walk and climb up to a small hill with beautiful views down to the Gulf of Fethiye, Yassica and Gocek Islands down below. We than walk around the Highland, where it sometimes is possible to meet to meet shepherds with their flocks, and afterwards descent down to Bay, where our Gullet is already waiting for us. We will have Lunch on our Boat, take time for relaxing and swimming, before we continue to Yassica Islands; known for its turquoise bays, crystal clear water and small sandy beaches. Here we take the time to swim and relax before continuing along the small Zeytinadasi (Olive Island) to the bay of Tersane. The Tersane Island is covered with olive groves and it is quite possible to find ancient ruins of Lycian and Romans. We spend the night in the bay of Tersane.
Walking time: 2/3 h; walking distance: 6/7 km; ascent/descent: 250 m
ON: on the Boat (type Gulet) 
Meals: B / L / D

Day 11 : Via Tersane & Boynuzbuku to Sarsala & Hamam (Cleopatra) Bay

Walk from the Boynuzbuku Cove; via Kille, to the rock tombs of Bedri Rami
After breakfast we leave Tersane Bay and sail to Boynuzbuku where we enter the mainland for our todays walk.  From the bay we walk on stabilized gravel roads and shepherd paths, through and conifer forests until we reach Kille, where at the bay it is possible to have a break, to take time for swimming and relaxing. Via Kille we continue on stabilized gravel roads towards the rock tombs in the Bay of Bedri Rami. Our Gullet is waiting for us at Bedri Rami, after having Lunch we continue to Sarsala, a bay with a beautiful sandy beach which is ideal for swimming and relaxing.
Walk from the Sarsala Bay to the Bay of Hamam (Cleopatra)
From Sarsala we follow narrow footpaths along Kapidagi Cape to Hamam, better known as Cleopatra Bay. The bay is known for its variety of flowers and for its extensive inland olive groves. In its form, the Hamam Bay reminds a giant swimming pool. Right next to the bay the crumbling ruins of an ancient Roman bath can be seen. Our Gullet awaits us already in the bay where we spend the night.
Walking time: 3 h; walking distance: 6 km; ascent/descent: 120 m (Boynuzbuku – Bedri Rami)
Walking time: 1/2 h; walking distance: 4 km; ascent/descent: 50 m (Sarsala – Hamam)
ON: on the Boat (type Gulet)
Meals: B / L / D

Day 12 : Bay of Gobun and the Island & bay of Gemiler

Walk from Hamam (Cleopatra) Bay to the forgotten Lycian remains of Lydae
In the morning we leave our Gullet and walk through a very small canyon to the highlands of so called Lydae peninsula. Via Trails and small walking paths we reach an area where few Lycian remains can be seen, known as Lydae. Main attraction of Lydae is an exceptional grave chamber (vault/arch) with a custom built marble sarcophagus. It is not certain who was buried in this magnificent grave but the engraved name belongs to the family of Sarpedon, king of Lycia and hero of the Trojan War.  Via Lydae we continue our hike and follow narrow footpaths and former shepherd trails until we reach the Bay of Yavansu. On the way we enjoy the unique views of the surrounding bays and Islands. Our walk ends at the Bay of Gobun, where our Gullet is already waiting for us. Afterwards we sail along Domuzadasi (Pig Island) and drive through open Waters to the opposite coast of the Fethiye Gulf where we spend the Night at the small bay of Gemiler. The bay is located just opposite the island Gemiler, also known by its ancient name Aziz (Holy) Nicholas where you still can find ruins and church remains from the time of the Byzantines.
Walking time: 4 h; walking distance: 8 km; ascent/descent: 200 m
ON: on the Boat (type Gulet)
Meals: B / L / D

Day 13 : Via Island & bay of Karacaoren; bay of Tarzan & Boncuklu; Sovalye Adasi to Fethiye harbour

Today we take the time to relax and rest, after breakfast; we sail along the coastline back to Fethiye. On the way we take time to visit the island and bay of Karacaoren. The bay itself offers different water depths and plenty of space for anchoring and is surrounded by forested mountains. Afterwards we will take time to visit Tarzan and Boncuklu Bays. In the early evening we reach the Fethiye Island, known as Sovalye Adasi (Island of the Knights). The Legend says that this impressive island has been used by the Knights of St. John as a naval base in antiquity. On the Island we will enjoy our dinner in one of the numerous restaurants. From Sovalye Adasi we sail back to the Harbour of Fethiye, where it is possible to visit one of the idyllic cafes along the marina to taste cup of Turkish coffee. We spend the night in the marina of Fethiye.
ON: on the Boat (type Gulet)
Meals: B / L / D

Day 14 : Fethiye to Dalaman – Home

Transfer to Dalaman airport where the Trip concludes.
Transfer time: 1 h; transfer distance: 50 km (Fethiye – Dalaman airport)
Meals: B / – / –

ON = Overnight accommodation / B = Breakfast / L = Lunch / D = Dinner

Price Includes
–    All transfers and transportations with private vehicles to the places mentioned in the Itinerary
      Day 1: One (one way) arrival transfer from/to Antalya airport/Hotel
      Day 14: One (one way) departure transfer from/to Fethiye/Dalaman airport
–    Demavend Travel English speaking Tour Leader
–    Hotel accommodations, rooms on double/twin share base;
      with Half Board (HB) service; Important: HB Dinner Service available until 21:00h
–    13 x Breakfast, 12 x Lunch (Lunch Packages & Restaurants where available), 13 x Dinner
–    Private Turkish Gulet Boat: 6 Nights; Cabins on double/twin share base;
      with Full Board Meals (Soft & alcoholic drinks not included)


Price Excludes
–    All International and Domestic Flights
–    Travel insurance
–    Extra Transports and transfers other than stated in the Itinerary
–    All kind of Soft and Alcoholic drinks, Bottled Water, Tea & Coffee
–    Meals other than stated in the Itinerary
–    All kind of personal expenses
–    All kind of Entrance fees for historical and natural sites
–    All kind of optional activities
–    Extra Nights
–    Single supplements
–    Personal Equipment
–    Tips


It is necessary to confirm your gulet trip 60 days in advance.

Single cabin booking              
Depends on group size; we cannot guarantee availability as long as Group size is unknown.

Technical Details
Depending on group size and availability Gulet Type can be different than stated; t echnical Details can be similar and/or a little different than stated down below.

Type – Special Designed Turk Gulet (1996)
Length              22m
Beam                6.50m
Depth               2.50m
Motor               Mann 320 PS
Service Boot     Fiber Boot 15 PS
Generator         2,5 KW
Electricity         12 / 220 V
Tank                2.000 L
Water tank       5.000 L

Accommodation & Facilities
–    Double / Twin Cabins with bathroom and hot water
–    Exterior dining area and sun deck
–    Interior dining area
–    Bar (CD-Player)
–    Spacious interior salon and galley kitchen

–    Complete Navigation
–    Mobile Phone
–    Life Raft & Life Jackets
–    Fire Extinguishers
–    Dinghy with outboard engine