The key to our success; the Demavend Travel team

Throughout its history Demavend Travel has worked with many elite culture guides, adventurers and mountaineers. 
Therefore we exactly know that a dedicated, competent and efficient team is essential for any group of travellers.
Over the years, all of our members, at our office or in the field, have made an important contribution to our development which is reflected in our exciting itineraries and trips.
That’s why we can pride ourselves in having some of the best leaders and experts in the business in our team.
With our enthusiasm and visions for future projects we maintain the number one choice and leading company for all kind of adventure and culture trips in Turkey.
Contact us for further information and details; we all at Demavend Travel are at your service.

Office Team

Bekir Dönmez     Managing Director

Bekir was born in 1975 and spent most of his childhood at the foot of the Aladaglar range in the Taurus Mountains. From a very young age on he assisted his grandfather, the first English speaking mountain guide in the ‘5Os, with organizing mountain tours. He grew up with the outdoor tourism business and gained a lot of experience in  guiding and operating mountaineering tours all over Turkey. He decided to set his own outdoor sports company, Demavend Travel, in 1998. Since then, the family business has been growing and also specializing in cultural trips all around Turkey. Although Bekir has a very long experience to look back on, he still has a very innovative mind and is always eager to discover untouched and new areas in Asia Minor.

Kathy Dönmez   Marketing Manager

She was born in 1979 in Belgium but became Turkish and part of the family business since she married with Bekir Dönmez. Since many years, she shares her love for Turkey, the mountains and travelling with her husband. Kathy has a university degree in sociology and speaks six languages. She is responsible for marketing and she’s a personal travel consultant for tailor made tours at Demavend Travel’s office.

Mehmet Dönmez    Operation Manager

Mehmet was born in 1985 at the foot of the Aladaglar range in the Taurus Mountains. He inherited the love for nature and the spirit of being a mountain guide, from his grandfather and his father, Adem Donmez. After his education, he immediately started working in the head office of Demavend Travel. He learned English and gained excellent computer and organisational skills. Today, Mehmet can look over many years of experience in the tourism sector, but still he is always eager to learn more and improve. According the family tradition, he is always at the service of our clients and willing to offer the very best.

Talet Caymazer    Operation Manager

Talet was born in the city of Nigde in 1978 but he spent his childhood and youth in Munsterland Westfalia, Germany. He finished his education in Germany and returned in 2004 to Turkey, where he started working in the tourism sector. Since 2008 he is a very appreciated member of staff in the head office of Demavend Travel in Nigde. He has very good organizational skills and a profound knowledge of computer programs. He also loves the nature and the corporate philosophy of Demavend Travel. He speaks fluent German and English.

Tour Leaders

Orhan Yılmaz   Licensed Culture Guide / Trekking & Mountain Guide

Orhan was born in 1976 in Germany and now lives in the region of Gokova, near the Aegean Sea in Turkey. He has a degree in Linguistic from the University of Hacettepe in Ankara. He speaks fluent German and English. He is a certified guide since 2007. His love for the nature and extreme sports are characteristic for him. But he is also passionate about sharing the history, culture and typical food in different regions of Turkey with travellers.

Ibrahim Sıcakyuz   Licensed Culture Guide / Trekking & Mountain Guide

Ibrahim was born in a small village of South-Eastern Turkey as a child of semi-nomadic parents. He graduated in Physics Engineering at the Gaziantep University and after his studies in Turkey and Germany he found the job of his dreams in tourism as a certified touristic guide. He works full-time for Demavend Travel since 2013. He enjoys the contact with people of different cultures and languages, and no mountain is too high for him. During his tours he likes to do yoga in the nature. He speaks fluent German and English.

Serap Sahin   Licensed Culture Guide / Trekking & Mountain Guide

Serap was born in Aksehir, which is near the border between Turkey’s Aegean and Central Anatolian regions.  She earned her Bachelor’s degree from the Business Department of Erciyes University and her Master’s degree in a United Nations sponsored program focusing on abuse of women in the workplace.  While a student, she travelled extensively in Turkey, discovering her passion and learning the art of tour guiding.  She decided to become a professional guide in 2010 and attained her tour guiding license from ministry of tourism after training.  She has worked as a professional guide throughout Turkey and beyond while specializing in the regions of Cappadocia, Lycia and Aladaglar for trekking, hiking, horse riding and culture/history.

Tolga Kanık   Licensed Culture Guide / Trekking & Mountain Guide

Tolga was born in 1979 in Ankara. He is an active outdoor specialist with a background in wilderness rescue and a considerable experience in dealing with environmental extremes. Tolga is working as a professional tour leader all around Turkey since 2001. He won the Local Knowledge Tour Leader Award in 2008 among the hundreds of tour guides all over the world. What shone through his many nominations was an outstanding local knowledge referred to as second to none and the fact that no questions would go unanswered. Tolga loves his job with a deep passion; besides being a knowledgeable cultural guide, Tolga is a keen nature lover and photographer. 

Özgür Aldemir   Licensed Culture Guide / Trekking & Mountain Guide

Özgür was born in Alasehir district of Manisa and lives in Antalya. He has a degree on Tourism Faculty in Akdeniz University and met with nature sports at the university’s mountaineering club. Since 2009 he is now working as an outdoor activity guide; he is also a licensed professional tourist guide and continues his master’s degree on tourist guidance.

Faruk Sarıkece   Licensed Culture Guide / Trekking Guide

Faruk was born in Edirne, right at the Greece border and now lives in beautiful Antalya. He studied International Relations at the Universıty of Istanbul and lived in different states of the USA for 14 years, where he started trekking and hiking. Since 2008 Faruk is working as a professional and certified guide on different trekking and cultural routes of Turkey.

Maurits v.d.B.Kaag   Biking; climbing; trekking & Mountain  Guide

Maurits was born in 1969 in the Netherlands. He is a traveller in the truest sence of the word as he travelled to over 60 countries all over the world, some of them by bicycle, but mainly for visiting the mountains, because rock climbing is his biggest passion. He decided to settle in Turkey and married a Turkish girl. He is a climbing, trekking and mountain biking guide. Besides Dutch and Turkish he also speaks English, French, German and some Spanish.

Ozgur Sezer    Licensed Culture Guide

He lives in Istanbul and first started working as a teacher which gave him very good organizational and teambuilding skills. He fell in love with the mountains and the pastoral life in Anatolia (especially in the Taurus region and Cappadocia). He is also a certified cultural guide and a very good photographer. He loves gastronomy and has many years of experience in all regions of Turkey.

Pelin Öner   Licensed Culture Guide

Pelin was born in Ankara and studied Communication and Public Relations at the University of Istanbul. Moreover, she has her Master’s Degree in Business Administration(MBA) at the University of D.C.Washington. She started mountaineering at a very early age and guided several mountain expeditions in Turkey (Taurus, Bolkar, Kackar and Ararat). She works as a certified guide in Turkey since 1989.

Volkan Aslı   Licensed Culture Guide / Trekking & Mountain Guide

Volkan was born in 1980 in Germany and lived there until the age of 15. He moved back to Turkey where he finished his education and became a certified guide since 2003. Today, he lives in Antalya and works as a guide for German and English speaking groups.