How to book

Select your holiday
Choose your trip and let us know your preferred departure dates.
Contact Demavend Travel for detailed information; terms and conditions.
Use the Contact form


Choosing your holiday
It is important that you choose a holiday that is well suited to your experience and capabilities.
Please read carefully information regarding difficulty; ascents & descents; distances & times and elevations.


Create your own tailor-made itinerary
At your request, we can compose any individual program or special trip (e.g. company incentives), according to your specific interests.
You will have complete freedom to choose and decide where you want go and what you want to see.
Contact us and build your own adventure day by day; combine different trips and areas; add pre & post tour arrangements to your itinerary or shorten or extend your chosen program.
Design your own tailor made trip; a unique experience, developed according to your most personal desires.


Read the booking conditions
After receiving details and documents from us; it is important that you read the contract conditions and the itinerary with information carefully before making your booking.
To guarantee a booking, we require a completed booking form and a deposit of 30% of the tour fee upon execution of the agreement. 
The final amount should be paid the latest 7 days after receiving final Invoice.  A detailed invoice will be delivered.
A booking is definite when Demavend Travel has confirmed acceptance in writing in all terms and conditions.


Before you book
Before booking a holiday with us please ensure that you are aware of following important issues:

–         Travel Insurance        
           Suitable travel insurance is necessary for all clients on a Demavend Travel holiday.
           It is an essential condition that you have a valid travel insurance policy to cover the cost of any emergency medical treatment and to protect your holiday
           payments in the event of cancellation.
           We recommend arranging a personal travel insurance in your home country as this is not included in our service.
–         Passport         
           Please make sure to have at least 6 months validity on your passport (at the completion of your trip).
           Turkey requires visas from some European countries as well as from Overseas.
           While some applicants may be exempt from visa for their touristic or business visit to Turkey, the others can obtain an e-Visa.
           The electronic Visa (e-Visa) application system
           This system allows visitors travelling to Turkey to easily obtain their e-Visas online via
           All other applicants will need to obtain a visa through Turkish representations in the abroad.
           It is highly recommended that foreigners, who wish to visit Turkey, should read the related information about our country’s visa requirements.
           An information note about visa regime of Turkey is available in the following address
           Please ensure that you have adequate time to arrange your visa prior to departure.
           You must allow at least one free page in your passport for any visa required.




Essential Information


Group size
Travelling in a small group provides a more familiar experience; a quiet and pleasant atmosphere where you can fully enjoy the entire diversity of your trip. That’s why our groups generally consist of 4 to 16 participants, but on your special request we can of course provide and organize special tours for less than 4 participants and/or for groups larger than 16 participants.
Important: group size can also vary depending on the type of trip, the transport, accommodation used and the activities included.


Age Limit
When booking a trip and/or services through us, please inform us at the time of booking about the age of your party. Please be advised that some of our itineraries include walking & trekking, cycling, water sport and winter adventures; depending on the level of activity requiring a minimum age limit and a minimum level of fitness and stamina.
The minimum age, depending on chosen trip and included activities, generally starts at 6/8.
Throughout all of our trips and services it is mandatory that a parent or adult must accompany people under the age of 18.
Important: we do require those under the age of 18 (by parents) and over the age of 70, at the time of travel, to send us a written file to confirm that they fully understand the implications of the trip and that they are fit enough to participate fully.


Transfer & Transportation
All necessary transfers and transportations are made with private buses, minibuses or 4WHD cars.
While hiking in the mountains, all of your luggage (except daily backpack) will be carried by vehicles; on mules and/or porters.


We usually only offer and book domestic Flights for our clients joining our trips and/or use services directly arranged by us. We are happy to give advice on which flight schedules fit best with your chosen itinerary and give you information on suitable rates.


Wherever possible, we try to include accommodation which best reflects the local area and is located close as possible to the main sights to which we are travelling.
In cities we generally prefer to stay in 3 or 4 star/or special class boutique accommodations (depending on your choice Bed & Breakfast (BB) or Half Board (HB) service included).
In small towns and villages we also stay in well selected original & authentic style local/family run (pension) accommodations.
In mountain and national park areas we provide fixed campsite accommodation; including comfortable & quality 2 person tents.


Single room and/or tent accommodation
On request single room and/or tent accommodation is available for all of our trips; please check the trip file send to you for explanation; availability and rates.
Please note that at high camps, because of limited space availability, single tent accommodation cannot be provided.


Camps & equipment
During all of our trips you will accommodate at Demavend Travels private and fixed campsites; with necessary Camping Equipment (mattresses, necessary kitchen gears & dinnerware) of highest quality and Demavend Travel cook & staff support throughout provided.


Generally in all of our published itineraries meals are provided within the trip price; however, there is no set rule and it can be changed and adapted to your personal choice.
The Turkish cuisine is considered to be one of the richest kitchens in the World; varied and complex as its history.
Throughout all of our itineraries we try to offer you as much as possible varieties of traditional dishes and local tastes; all prepared and served by well selected restaurants and our professional cooks at our campsites.
Where there is no option, such as when no restaurant available during walking or remote mountain areas, you will be provided with a special Lunch package; which includes a contemporary selection of many special local foods along with some sweet specialties.
Important: As far as possible we try to cater for you if you have special dietary requirements; for example vegetarian, diabetes, gluten and/or similar. But please notice that we have to ask you to have realistic expectations, in some areas it may be difficult to cater for all special meal requirements; that’s why it is important to inform as soon as possible about dietary requirements of your party and to sort out all kind of questions before you book your trip.


Mt. Ararat Permit
It is necessary for a Mount Ararat climb to apply a Permission (Permit) given by the government.
Therefore it is necessary to confirm your Mount Ararat climb 60 days in advance before the Tour begins and to send us all necessary Personal Details of each Group Member by time to complete all requirements.

Necessary Details we need 60 days in advance:
–           Your full name & surname (as indicated in the passport)
–           Date and place of birth
–           Nationality
–           Passport number
–           Issue & expiry date of passport (please make sure that expiry date is beyond your Travel Dates)




Difficulty Levels
It is important for us to provide you, our guests, with relevant information; that you can decide which of our trips are right for your personal conditions. 
A detailed description of our difficulty levels will help you to decide which of our trips suits you and ensures you have an enjoyable trekking and holiday experience with us.


A = Easy
Average walking time per day approx. 2/4 h;
Light ups and downs vary in altitude between 100/300m; trekking routes up to maximum 6/8 km;
These tours are suitable for all guests who are in good health. Hiking experience is not required.

B = Medium (Gentle)
Average walking time per day approx. 4/5 h;
Ups and downs vary in altitude between 300/500m; trekking routes up to maximum 8/12 km;
These tours are a good choice for beginners with little or no trekking experience. Good health and a certain degree of fitness are required.

C = Moderate
Average walking time per day approx. 5/6 h;
Ups and downs vary in altitude between 500/600m; trekking routes up to maximum 12/15 km;
These tours are suitable for trekkers with initial hiking experience at altitudes around and above 2.500/3.000 meters, with solid/good fitness; stamina and hiking condition.

D = Challenging
Average walking time per day approx. 6 h;
Ups and downs vary in altitude between 600/800m; trekking routes up to maximum 16/18 km;
These tours are a good choice for trekkers with hiking experience at altitudes at around and above 3.000/3.500m meters; good physical condition; fitness and stamina is required.

E = Demanding (difficult)
Average walking time per day approx. 6/8 h;
Ups and downs vary in altitude between 600/1.000m; trekking routes up to maximum 18/25 km;
These tours are for sure-footed and experienced mountain hikers in good physical condition; with experience at altitudes above 3.500 up to 5.000m (Mt. Ararat highest mountain of Turkey with 5.137m).  Appropriate altitude tolerance is required.




Packing List
As each person’s needs and requirements vary we do not provide a comprehensive individual packing list for each tour.
The list down below is a sample to ensure you don’t miss key items.


Necessary (advisable) equipment
Trekking & mountain clothing summer & winter
–          Walking boots/ trekking shoes (good profile & water-repellent)
–          Crampons / previously tested and adapted; especially necessary for Mt. Ararat summit climb
            Important: customers have to bring their own crampons, it is in the Van/Dogubeyazit Area impossible to rent or to buy crampons;
            these are necessary for the summit climb and without it is not possible
–          Ice Axe and Mountain Safety Harness (for Mt. Ararat summit climb)
–          Walking poles / sticks
–          Walking clothes
            –           Warm (down) Jacket / Wind stopper (Polar) Jacket (water-repellent)
            –           Waterproof jacket
            –           Waterproof trousers & gaiters
            –           Breathable wicking layers / walking/trekking clothes (quick-dry); pullover, sweatshirt, T-shirt, trousers, shorts
            –           Thermal underwear
            –           Walking socks
            –           Gloves or mittens
            –           Warm hat / Cap (sun protecting)
            –           Sun glasses
–          Daily backpack (advisable minimum 25 – 30 L Volume) & cover (rain protection)
–          Kitbag (travel/duffel bag)
            Alternative/reserve bag (to leave all non-essentials at base camps)
–          Sleeping bag (minimum minus (-) 25 °C in Extreme)
–          Headlight / Torch & batteries
–          Water bottles or hydration system / Thermos (for warm drinks)
–          Water purification
–          Energy bars & snacks
–          First aid kit (first aid items for your own personal use) / Personal medication / Antibiotics / Blister kit / Insect repellent
–          Sun protection cream


Additional activities & equipment

–          GPS Outdoor navigation device


–          Ski & equipment (clothes)
–          Ski shoes
–          Ski helmet
–          Ski poles / sticks
–          repair kit & tools / spare parts


–          Snowshoes (raquettes)
–          Walking poles / sticks


Cycling & MTB
–          Bicycle & Mountain bike
–          Cycling helmet
–          Cycling shoes
–          Cycling gloves
–          Cycling shorts (padded) & shirts
–          Sunglasses
–          Small backpack and/or bum-bag
–          Water bottles or hydration system


Bike kit
–          repair kit & tools / spare parts & tyres
–          Mini pump & tyre levers
–          SPD pedals & shoes
–          Speedometer


–          Passports & visas
–          Vaccination certificates
–          Travel Insurance documents
            Important: Please ensure that a 24/7 contact telephone number for your Insurance Company is written on your documentation in case of an emergency.
–          A copy of important documents separately packed (Passport/Visa/Insurance details) in case of loss or damage
–          Bank (cash) and/or credit cards
–          E-ticket and/or flight details
–          Travel contract (agreement) & booking terms & conditions
–          Notebook & pen
–          Document wallet or money-belt