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Poster 6Ski Touring Central Anatolia

Taurus Mountains Aladaglar National park combined with Mt. Hasan (3.268m) & Mt. Erciyes (3.916m)

Tour Code W01

Find your balance again while skiing in the great Turkish mountains. Skim the snow while fantastic landscapes slide in front of your eyes. Grab the chance to ascend five mountain peaks including snow-white volcanoes in Anatolia. Have peaceful white dreams in the original villages. Last but not least, discover how nature and history go hand in hand in the mystifying Cappadocia.


Snow Shoe 5 Hiking with Snow Shoes in Cappadocia and Taurus Range

Tour Code W02

Walking on snowshoes is very easy and a good alternative for those who want to discover the mountains in winter time, but have no experience in skiing. You will discover the great beauty of the Anatolian plateau and the Taurus Mountains. Stretch your legs and enjoy the quiet white environment. Fill your lungs with fresh mountain air. Observe the trail left by wildlife in the thick snow. In the evening, you will find peace in the intimacy of the traditional Turkish villages.

Ararat Ski - 30Ski Touring Mt. Ararat (5.137m)

Including Mt. Artos (3.537m) & Mt. Suphan (4.058m)

Tour Code W03

Skiing on the highest Mountain of Turkey, the legendary Mount Ararat is a high-adrenaline and high-endurance experience. You can sense freedom, light and space without a mass of tourists. The snow adds another wonderful element to the fantastic scenery and makes you feel very close to the elements of nature.


20090325 Turchia 051

Ski Kackar Mountains (Pontic Alps)

Tour Code W04

In the rainy and lush landscapes of North-eastern Turkey, the Kackar Mountains from the Northern section of the Anatolian mountain chain. The Kackar-Kavron summit, at an altitude of 3.937 meters, is the highest point in the range. Extensive glacier and water erosion have given these mountains their craggy, rugged look, and they are known for the complexity and power of the streams and rivers which rush down to the lower altitudes.